Story of YangonNet

About Us / Who We Are

YangonNet is the one stop local ICT solutions and services company which is located in Yangon, Myanmar.

We have solid foundation team whom with highly skills, passionate about latest technology and solution.

YangonNet uses the power of technology to help organizations achieve great things in the digital era.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide effective ICT services and solutions for local and global customers who seek to transform their business with Zero Technology knowledge.

We are empowering business with trusted service quality which can create different values for everyone's life


Our Mission

Our Mission is to become recognized as "the" leading ICT business partner for our customers in Myanmar, by offering high-quality and innovative future-ready solutions and services, by delivering with seamless customer experience.

Our Core Values

Integrity for your Business Productivity

We uphold our reputation for integrity in the marketplace and provide an ethical work environment for all of our employees. We will do the right thing each time we face a tough decision.

Transform Your Business with Zero Technology Knowledge

We actively pursue diversity in our workforce composition, the markets we serve, and the services we provide. We recognize that the technical challenges we solve require new perspectives and open minds.

Delivering Trusted Service Quality to Generate More Business Value

We continuously seek to better understand our customer needs and offer trusted service quality that delivers value and create a long-term positive relationship.

Empowering Business with Technology

In all that we do, we are conscious of the impact that our work has on the environment. We are empowering our customers to do the same by providing integrity, efficient and effective ICT solutions to generate more business values. Our core values define us as individuals. Through the regular application of these principles, we continue to provide value to our customers, and we will consistently meet our goals

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